Monestir Wet Effect Protector


Monestir Wet Effect Protector Anti-stain protector, transparent.

Specially designed for Encaustic Cement tiles.

1 litre to treat about 10m2.

For internal or external use.

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Actual Area (sq m) 10
Total Price 30.00
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Product specially designed to treat and protect hydraulic cement tiles. It acts protecting your floor from any type of domestic stains. Enhance the natural beauty of the floor and produces a satin wet effect. It prevents your tiles from salt efflorescence and moisture stains formations. Nourishes the tiles and gives them a soft touch effect. Makes regular cleaning and maintenance easier. Helps prevent the floor from premature wearing and ageing. It goes deep into the surface, so it does not form film layers. Not yellowing or ageing with time passing. It penetrates the material pores allowing air to pass so it lets the tiles breathe and dries fast.

Apply pure, do not dilute. Apply on at open air on a previously brushed floor, perfectly clean and completely dry. Shake well the product before use and serve on a clean recipient. Apply with a roller special for enamel, spread constantly and uniformly until covering the whole surface. Avoid using too much product. In case of using too much product, retire the excess with a clean cloth before it dries. After applying one coat, wait at least 1 hour to apply a second one. The product dries immediately at touch but it is not convenient to step on it right away; it will be fully effective once 24 hours have passed.

With solvent.

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